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​"Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded."  - Jess Lair

My 3-year old son was having issues at school with biting, being aggressive with friends and not engaging in the classroom. At home, I was getting frustrated with him being defiant and just out of control. We started down the path of getting him tested but he didn’t qualify for services. We were able to find Sara and gain insight into his sensory processing disorder. Through the process, she was understanding and willing to listen about what was going on. After 12 weekly sessions, the results were amazing! Sara was able to help my son develop a better process of him to use his words instead of biting or getting aggressive with other friends and his sister. Per Sara’s observation and recommendations, the teachers at his daycare were able to provide the accommodations to have him participate in the classroom and engage with friends in a non-aggressive manner. I have learned how to make sure he problem-solves and I now understand the way my son thinks. He is also more engaged at home. He was able to move up to the preschool class and has adjusted amazingly to the new classroom. If we had not found Sara, we would not be where we are today. - Kelley

Sara did a thorough evaluation of my daughter; taking time to get to know her, then helping us to understand how sensory dysregulation might impact our daughter throughout the day.  She went above and beyond in treating our daughter, including an observation at her preschool followed by meetings with teachers and the director.  This allowed Sara to better determine areas of need, educate those working with my daughter about sensory processing disorder, and recommend potential supports that could be integrated throughout her day to build success.  She established a strong rapport with my daughter, making treatment far more effective.  Sara recommended a number of supports we could utilize at home and in the community,  and now we feel far more equipped to help our daughter manage her sensory needs.  Your child and family will benefit from working with Sara! - Carrie

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